The Thicket

The Thicket

Location – Mandawala, Gampaha

Architect in Charge – Godridge Samuel

Project Architect – Daminda Prasad

Project Year – 2008

To get away from the tensions of day to day life and engage in a mind relaxing journey, a neglected pineapple plantation was transformed into a leisure garden.

A meandering path amidst a Mahogany forest, serendipitously stems out to the vast lake, continuing through an earth-canyon and other garden pockets. At the climax point where the journey ends, sits ‘the thicket’ embracing the resplendent environment.

An overall view of the garden is captured by ‘the thicket’. Paddy fields on one side and reflective pond on the other, allows the user to enjoy the ever changing moods created by the various seasons of paddy cultivation.

The Pavilion a simple structure with minimal details brings the user to relax and entertain. A simple setting is created having a structure with four un-plastered rubble columns, cement cut floor and a steep teak timber roof.

It is placed along an axis which coincides with the cool winds that flow across the fields and highlights its focus towards the lush paddy fields that lie beyond. The placement encourages a sense of continuity with the feel of the lake, through ‘The Pavilion’ and towards the paddy fields.

The artificial lighting used at night brings to life various moods through manipulation of indirect lighting. Railway sleeper link placed over the dug well and projects over the paddy fields brings a dramatic conclusion enhancing its directional quality.