Overhead Pedestrian Bridges at Kollupitiya and Bambalapitiya.

Winning entries of both competitions.

The Sri Lanka Institute of Architects conducted 2 Design competitions for Overhead Pedestrian Bridges at Kollupitiya & Bambalapitiya connecting the railway stations and the public markets. These competitions were conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development and Colombo Municipal Council. These projects were funded by world bank under Metro Colombo Development project. MMGS Architects won both competitions.

The railways stations will be linked with the commercial nodes in the vicinity culminating in the respective public market complexes. Pedestrians will now be able to commute with ease and safety. Intermediary spaces are created for rest & relaxation which connect at various levels based on setting and function.

The concept of ‘Tram trail’ for the Kollupitiya bridge was inspired by the LRT, giving the impression that the train journey continues within these carriages above ground.

The existing impression that Bambalapitiya is a hub of activity, energy and IT based merchandising and retail created a curious and never done before concept of a ‘circuit’ as the source of inspiration – and a glass encased space representing an electrical circuit.

 As a subsidiary, a design proposal to enhance the existing railway station at Bambalapitiya has been put forward. If implemented it will be the first exclusive and high end scheme where an existing building is upgraded, affronting the sea, on the sea-line border itself – becoming the ultimate climax of this community based infrastructure and recreational scheme.